Production in Lohn System

      The Lohn processing operations, also called "sale of labor" represents the processing of the materials, of the raw materials and semi-finished products, belonging to one of the parties (the beneficiary), by the other party (the producer).

      SC GIODARVEL CONF SRL performs to the highest standards of quality any kind of shirt, based on the orders received from customers, with the materials, accessories and patterns provided.

      Thus, a customer (beneficiary) may issue an order to us (the producer). We take the beneficiary's order to a proper fulfillment using specialized labour and local logistics, national raw materials or from the beneficiary's country. After the realization of the finished products, we deliver the goods to the beneficiary.

      There are many advantages for a collaboration in this system....... The best would be to find them together.

      All... from passion for shirts!