Giodarvel Conf is a foreign company with full capital, whose main activity is manufacturing women and men shirts in Lohn system.

      The factory experience in Italy has shown us the way through which in 1998 we opened the factory in Romania. Here, the production is specialized in men and women shirts, classic and sportswear model, being used fabrics (mostly cotton 100%) and accessories from the EU.

      Giodarvel Conf shirt factory is located in Lipanesti, Zamfira Village DN1A, Prahova county, on a field surrounded by 14,774 m2, with a built area of 5,000 m2 and a surface of 5665 m2. The building is divided as it follows:

      1. The production hall is built on one level, where there are:
- cut sections, fusing press, collars, wristbands, preparation, assembly, finishing, bathrooms and showers, changing rooms, dining halls, warehouses and mechanic workshop.

      2. Administrative Pavilion is composed of:
- ground floor: hall, bathroom, surgeon, staircase, showroom ;
- first floor: staircase, two hallways, bathroom, offices;
- second floor: living apartment composed of: hall, two bedrooms, a living room, 2 bathrooms, kitchen.

Passsion for shirts

      Giodarvel Conf has suitably qualified personnel to meet any exigencies associated with the production of shirts..... 230 employees with 13 years of experience in manufacturing men and women shirts are able to satisfy the highest quality requirements anytime.

      The daily output is of approx. 1500 shirts and the capacity production of 4000 shirts per day (equipped with eight production lines). Currently, we have three production lines in operation to produce 1,500 shirts per day.

      The technological lines which are composing the flows for manufacturing are equipped with modern machinery and equipment, at the level of the current technique, being imported from member countries of the European Union.

      Our customers are important companies from Italy, France, Canada, Switzerland and Austria.... and the list is still open to new clients and partners.

      Briefly this is who we are....Giodarvel Conf. We do not want to say many words and to get you dizzy with stories.....the best we know is to express ourselves through the quality of our products.

      We are waiting for you to know each other, but especially, to discover our passion for the shirt!!