GioDarVel.....Our history begins in 1956 as Palazzin Camiceria, a production workshop of men shirts in the region of Brescia - Italy.

      Savio husbands passion for high quality handicrafts made the little workshop to rapidly transform into a renowned company through the quality of the shirts produced. Year after year, they were becoming better. People were happy, and the news quickly spread to other areas. But the secret of our shirts remained in the family. Sales have increased and so we had to produce more shirts, more models ... ... All at the same high quality. The tradition, the attention upon details, but especially the love for shirts, were sent to the children Giovanni, Daria and Valeria.

      Soon the company became a real shirt factory.... the production expanded, they developed new lines of production, they have implemented new quality standards and always the most demanding customer requirements have been met. Because we wanted to please as many people as possible by offering high-quality shirts, in 1998 we came to Romania and we decided to establish here Giodarvel Conf. Conf.

      Our hospitable host, was and still is Lipanesti city in Prahova county... along with people here, with the ambition and enthusiasm coupled with our experience over the years, we have developed Giodarvel factory ... a factory where shirts like to be produced. From here we entered the pattern, the work, effort, creation, pleased customers, quality products and start over again....

      We are waiting for you to know each other, but especially, to discover our passion for the shirt!